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Mason Jar Box

Mason Jar Box by Tyler S. Hello everybody, this week we have been working solely on the Mason Jar boxes. These boxes were super simple to create and assemble. Actually, it seemed to take longer for the paint to dry than actually building the boxes. On this specific box used for this article, we used… Continue reading Mason Jar Box



Tonights Project by Tyler S.   Well.. tonight we put together a book shelf that Trisha bought from a store. It went fairly well. The only major issue we had was that we put the side on backwards, so we had to take it back off and flip it around. That was super frustrating to… Continue reading TONIGHTS PROJECT 01/23/17



TNT Farm Designs received its name from its owners names, which are Tyler and Trisha. The "farm designs" portion of the name derives from our passion, which is making rustic and shabby home decor. Both of adore the rustic look, and have a great passion for creating homemade items for you. We take great pride in making sure you alway receive the best quality product we can give you. Now I know what you are thinking, when people say great quality, it usually implies expensive. Thats where we deviate from the mainstream Etsy stores, and other online retailers. We want to give you an extremely custom look, with a considerably lower cost.